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Does it cost to adopt?

We request an Adoption Donation of $100 for a cat and $300+ for a dog. At times, there is a reduced cost depending on the age of the animal, or if animals are adopted as a pair. We also offer our Pets for Vets program, which are donation-free or donation-discounted adoptions for men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Where does the money from my adoption donation go?

Your donations are used by Helping PAWS Pet Rescue to help us rescue and care for animals. As a primarily volunteer-run organization, we keep our administration costs to a minimum, meaning the vast majority of every dollar goes straight to our programs of rescuing and caring for homeless animals, our spay/neuter program, and community programs.

How many animals do you help each year?

We admit over 100 animals each year. This includes cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, other small domestic animals, and even retired racehorses from time to time.

Why do we have to have our adopted pet spayed or neutered?

Pet-overpopulation is still a major problem in this country. For every person born, there are 15 dogs and 45 cats born. That means a family of four (humans) would need to house 60 dogs and 180 cats to ensure that every pet has a home! Spaying and neutering and responsible pet ownership are the only answers to the tragic problem of pet overpopulation.

Moreover, these surgeries prevent many common causes of infections and cancers and reduce or eliminate many problem behaviors. The problem of over-population and the medical benefits of spaying/neutering extend beyond dogs and cats and are also for other domestic animals.

Do you accept owner-surrendered animals? What are the associated costs?

Sometimes life circumstances change and owners unfortunately need to find another home for their animal. Once you have explored other options (friends, family), contact us and we will see if we can help.

On average it costs us over $350 per year to care for each animal that we shelter. To help care for surrendered animals, we ask for a $50 donation at the time of surrender. This is used to off-set the costs of housing, vaccinating, medicating when necessary, etc.

Does Helping PAWS Pet Rescue pick-up stray animals?

No. Ashland County and Bayfield County have an Animal Control Officer who does this important job.

Who do I call when I see animal abuse?

Animal abuse and neglect are crimes. Please call your local law enforcement division.

Helping PAWS is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are primarily a volunteer-run organization. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact us.


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Hwy 13 Detour Instructions

If you are coming from the south/southwest into the City of Washburn, there will be a detour due to road work. Follow the detour and turn right (R) on to Omaha Street. From there, travel a little further east and turn left (L) on 2nd Avenue West. The rescue's parking lot will on your right.


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